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Originally Posted by savage.ulm1 View Post
Hello to all you guys....I am still here sorry

The car should have not less than 460 hp. Why to increase by 400 cc the engine for a so poor increase ?(only 30 hp?) Non a big sense to me.

Thanks to all the people that understood the sense of my Thread also if I made some mistakes .
You maybe right about the horsepower number, my info is two months old. I still believe the number will be lower than 460, but we shall see very soon.

The primary reason the M engineers increased the displacement to 4.4 lilters, was to shore up the bottom end TORQUE. (from the factory output of 295lb/ft.)

This bump in displacement also allows the engine to create additional power without rasing the rev limiter to 9000 rpms which would reduce the lifespan of the power plant.

I was told in August, that the estimated torque output goal was 330 lb/ft., which is slightly more than the new 997 GT3. (the M divisions primary target)

The weight reduction comes from: the removal of sound deadening materials, lightweight doors, lightweight exhaust system, radio delete, lightweight tires and wheels, rear seat delete, lightweight front racing seats, lightweight suspension components, lightweight battery, and a few exterior body panels.(

I did not get the details on which body panels were changed, or what materials they used to reduce the weight.
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