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Originally Posted by jojogoya88 View Post
Well the spacers are being taken off....getting the car back wednesday..and will definintly post a picture of the receipt.

They said that the light has to do something with the suspension...and the rotations the wheel is making....the DSC reads the rotations and throws the codes...i really dont even know what they told me...

But will be sure to post up the receipt.

Suspension travel has absolutely no effect on wheel speed, neither do the spacers. Wheel speed sensors are near the hub. Sounds like they are feeding you a bunch of horse shit.

Even if the overall diameter is off a little compared to stock, DSC reads from a difference in wheel speed compared to what the car is currently reading.

Either way, I hope you get fixed, but it honestly sounds like the technician is either lazy/stupid, and does not want to diagnose the problem. I'm sorry you're having to put up with this. I am a service writer, and would never let half-ass answers/diagnosis like this cause one of my customers headaches like this.

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My dog swallowed my FOB. Luckily it was Comfort Access so I could still drive the car. Of course I had to take him with me everywhere and every time he rolled over the windows went down.