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Originally Posted by Stankia View Post
You guys are funny, you whined when BMW anounced that there won't be a CSL, you were saying that ///M lost it's value, bla bla bla, but now when BMW finally went out of their way to offer such vehicle you whine again. If it's too expensive to you then don't buy it, there will always be people who will buy it, look at the E46 M3 CSL... And stop comparing aftermarket parts and production vehicles, apples to oranges in my opinion. Even if you spend that aditional 25k or so on Chinese aftermarket parts, it will still be a run of the mill M3. Just be glad that BMW offers such car. And it's not only about the money for BMW, it's a huge advertising for BMW. Just imagine how much talk there will be when Top Gear and others will test it and give it good reviews and the headlines will be like "BMW is back at their game, the competition has nothing to offer", you know, just like in the good old days

For those that maybe somehow missed the E46 M3 CSL review, here it is:
Hello to all you guys....I am still here sorry
I agree with you Stankia. And I would also say what happened when BMW told that they would have produced the X5M and X6M? do you remember the reactions? at least for me it was a sad day...Lost the true M spirit??:-((
Now BMW should confirm (we are all waiting including me) this new project...So from my point of view it was a Great New. In other words BMW changed his mind or simply didn't forget the nature of the M letter. And this is the real big new from my point of view. More than the car itself.

I want also to thank South for the great support he gave me . Tks Sir

Now why I came back? I don't want some readers would think I am a coward and simply I decided to disappear. I am checking like you the net looking for some official news. But let me add some details.
The car in my opinion will not be sold in only 25 pcs for year. I don't perceived this during my discussion. The car should have other news that were not told to me. They simply told me : big surprice.
And the car should be shown worldwide during next last MotoGp Race by a very famous Bike driver...Can you imagine the name? next Sunday.
The car should have not less than 460 hp. Why to increase by 400 cc the engine for a so poor increase ?(only 30 hp?) Non a big sense to me.Considering also that there will be a special exhaust system.
The weight could be even better than 100 kg less. And don't forget that there should be a DGK (with special programs ). This weighs about if I am not wrong 25 kg right? so the weight loss should be a real -125 kg (then add the 25 and you get the minus 100kg). So not too bad and not possible with some minor works on the seatings and body.

Now: if all will be confirmed I can tell other two news. And probably if all will be confirmed this week we should beleive also to these two new ones. There will be in two years a new Baby Emme. Based on the series 1. Four cylinders turbo. There will be also a new sportcar like many are waiting.
We will see what happens this week.

Thanks to all the people that understood the sense of my Thread also if I made some mistakes .