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I think it is a good thing that BMW still made it, even if I don't like some thing about it. But than many of the reproaches are wrong:
1. No manual gear box: The M3 CSL also didn't have any manual gear box, but a sequential gear box (SMG). The DCT is not that much different if you use it in manual mode (not automatic).
2. The M3 GT is to expensive: I do not remember how much did the M3 E46 cost, but the M3 CSL E46 was more than 80.000 .
Now the 911 GT3 costs around 116.000 . The 911 GT3 RS more than 160.000 , as much as a 911 Turbo. The 911, R8, Gallardo, F430 / 458 Italia, MP4-12C are pure sportcars, but the M3 is just the most sold family car of the world in this class, so nothing special, and BMW M is able to make it keep up with the most high performance cars. Look at BMW N-Ring times:
7:50 for X5 Le Mans
7:50 for M3 CSL
7:50 for M5 CSL
What if BMW made a real sportcar as an M1?
Do you see what I mean? When will an RS5 or a C63 AMG, even Black Series be compared to cars such as 911, Ferrari and so?
Be happy BMW made it at all, they said there won't be any CSL. And they were right not to do any. Those that have money drive such cars as R8 V10 only for show. But they want comfort, navi, radio and so. But I like radical pure sportcars such as 911 GT3 RS (not 911 GT3) 430 Scuderia, but I don't have the money.
The only thing that is not cool is that it won't be sold in America, where I think can be the largest market. Here in France an M3 is such a rear think, at least were I live. I know about 10 of them. France is just the worst country for sportcars.
But well before critisising anything, I would still wait for the official release.

Again thank you Savage for this thread and the teasing, it was really very exiting to wait for this news. If you again get to know something, even without having the right to say it, still say you know something more that we don't, maybe: "I have a BIG NEWS. BMW is going to make the Legend revive". Hint: ///M1