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Originally Posted by seriousm3 View Post
Price really isn't that bad...

Brakes = $5000
Seats = $3000 at least
Wheels = $2500
Engine work = $5000
Suspension = $3000
Bodywork = $1000
Rollbar = $1500

Just to get a package on par with the Gt4 your spending $25,000 on top of the price of a normal M3. Not counting labor and testing costs too.

The tiny production numbers are what bother me, and the fact that once again the US is excluded.
This is not an accurate point of view. Those prices are fully burdened retail prices. Even if BMW only bought 25 kits to build 25 cars they would be getting better prices. Also when you add those figures to the cars base price you only get something in the neighborhood of $75k. How does that make a price not that bad?

Originally Posted by foosh View Post
You do realize that 110K Euros at current exchange rates is $165K, don't you?
And you must realize that prices in different countries do not scale by exchange rates as was already pointed out. For cars it is not even close to this type of calculation.

So if this car was offered in the US the price would likely be something like 1.2 x 110k or ~ $130k USD. Based on a more realistic price of $75k with aftermarket parts as outlined above that makes even $130k a serious, serious rip off.
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