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At this point, I am highly skeptical about the pricing/production strategy provided.

1. At 11k Euros, only those who are quite affluent can afford such a car. But for someone who has the money, why not buy a dedicated track car? BMW Motorsport already offers the non-road legal GT4...

2. And let's say the person wants something to drive directly to/from the track, why not buy a GT3? Which offers better performance and (dare I say it) racing heritage for the same price?

3. Let's assume that the person is image conscious and wants a street-legal racing car, then there is the GT3-RS! or a Scud... or a LP-550...

4. 25 per year?! Yeah right... It will take perhaps 100 years to break even...

All these just don't add up. But I shall remain silent until BMW's official release.