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Originally Posted by jeremyc74 View Post
I have four good friends who valet (or manage valets) at some nice places in Palm Beach County, and they all tell me exactly the same thing. They're always talking about "taking a lap around the test track" which means taking the long way 'round to the lot so they can open them up.

They're pretty decent kids, but they also tell me stories about some of the guys they work with that have stolen things, and done damage to vehicles.

About a year ago one of the new guys found a Glock under the seat of a car, and swiped it while he was parking the car. The owner turned out to be a US Marshal who realized he'd left it there about 10 minutes after he sat down to eat, and came back to secure it. He walked out to the car and found it missing, and called the local Police. No one fessed up, but later on they found the missing gun in the valet stand.
Yeah everybody I worked with were awesome guys, but the faster you move the more money you make. Plus we all loved cars so it's impossible not to put your foot into them. No one I worked with would have ever stolen anything. Another point is we did a lot of training for the company at my account, and you would not want most of the noobies parking your car that is for sure!