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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post


When I first saw this post by Savage, I was already scheming to sell my M3, buy this one, and see if putting a stroker into it makes sense. I was seriously psyched about the whole idea.

For many people, I realize there's a huge appeal to a "factory" car being offered like this -- because they are squeemish about putting so many modifications into their brand new car and voiding their "factory" warranty. But this isn't really a factory car -- is it? Since this comes from BMW Motorsport, I'm wondering what kind of "factory" warranty is available.

Now after seeing the specs, I think I'm a little disappointed. There's very little in this car, that most of us RS46 customers haven't done, and nothing at all that KonigsTiger didn't do to his RS46 in the following thread:

And when you consider the price, I think the appeal tips in favor of taking your current M3 and modifying it to your tastes for the same, or less money. If you go the aftermarket route, you get to pick and choose which features you want to add and/or delete. For the same money, you end up with a car that completely individualized to your tastes.

We'll see if anything changes with the official announcement. If not, then for me personally, it's a big .
exactly. I wonder how much weight you can save from strip the rear seat and put recaro pole on the front? lighter 18 forged rims, bbk, coilover and you may give htis a run for the money.

and if weight is an issue, order the e92 m3 with no option. save ton of weight there too.