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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Hopefully the rest will get off Savage's back and respect that the info had to be keep quite limited at that time.

South, remember you question on capacity. I did hinted earlier that we will see better torque from this engine (larger capacity -hint - hint) but no one seemed to noticed this, the fact that it's hp/L has dropped slightly should promote slightly more torque accordingly than just the 10% would suggest. I didn't relay the N-ring time because the figure I heard blew me away by the improvement and frankly didn't believe it, the weight drop doesn't sound that dramatic but it must be where that weight has come off from that was so important. Also finally we had decent brakes in an M car. This thing is so much more hardcore than the earlier planned CSL.

As I said earlier this is a swam song for the N/A engine and a fitting one at that.

Any word of the DSC system of this model, I was told that it would offer a revised version with probably a race mode like that of the Ferraris.

The gauntlet has definitely been put down to the rest so we will see what Mercedes and Audi come up with it the future.
Yes, I got your hints some days ago. Regarding DSC, this list isn't complete, so there might be some more changes/features.

Originally Posted by Lemans_Blue_M View Post
Updated with the information recieved from my internal sources...
Thanks for adding your information! I added them in the original post.

Originally Posted by slammedm3 View Post
sounds pretty cool,

but why only 25 units?
We know that it will be limited. Though, we don't know if this is the actual figure. Anyways, 25 per year would still be enough as far as BMW is concerned. If there were a crazy market for pure BMW cars like this, they would have built a new CSL.

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