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Thanks Le Mans, that confirms what I heard about the suspension. The weight drop is welcome, sounds like all the weight has came from the rear seat removal, the new Recaros, the wheels for sure and probably a load of standard M3 kit getting thrown out as surplus to requirements in a focused hardcore racer. Nowhere near as extreme in measures as I first thought or what I have heard Audi are intending for their S5 Lightweight with it's extensive use of aluminium and carbon fiber, but then again it does need more help with weight reduction than the M3 did.

The N-ring time is the only thing that sounds incredible, I doubt that the non extreme version with rear seats and no roll bar will approach this time and I don't want to sound like a killjoy but the adjustable suspension setup will be a bending of the rules thing in the same way as Nissan did with their GTR, i.e. it will do this time but only with the suspension set up like so. We will probably see Porsche getting stock one themselves and finding it only capable of a 7:55 lap in their capable hands. After all this car is a threat to their mighty GT3.

Originally Posted by Boost3dm3
heck I think with these kind of numbers these cars might only be for race teams to buy and not us normal folks.
You are probably right on this one, though I reckon some units will slip under the radar. 25 units is probably a good number to set as a first-run limit even if they all make it to market, the market isn't up to speed or strength yet and I doubt anyone other than die-hard BMW and M3 fans will buy into it when they could get a 911 GT3 for similar money.

My guess is the next M3 will almost approach this level of performance but without all the extreme measures and at a faction of the price. Personally I'm waiting until 2012-3.