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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
I talked to a good Italian friend of mine () and we think that it might be the right time to share some information.

All kudos for this information goes to Savage.Ulm1! I added some comments in blue.

  • It won't be called M3 CSL.
  • Instead, BMW will either call it "M3 GT4 Street" or "M3 GT".
Engine | Drivetrain
  • Naturally aspirated engine with an increased displacement of 4,400 cc (based on the S65).
  • At least 450 hp, likely more.
  • No information regarding KERS (KERS will likely debut in the F10 M5)
  • 7 speed DCT only, no manual transmission.
  • 'State of the art' exhaust system, but not Akrapovic.
Chassis | Brakes | Aerodynamics:
  • Brembo brakes (6 pistons front - 4 pistons rear) with steel brake discs. Ceramic composite brakes optionally available.
  • Weight reduction of 100 kg (220 lbs) compared to E92 M3, maybe even more.
  • Available as a 2 seater. However, rear seats are optionally available.
  • Rollbars standard (there's a delete option).
  • Adjustable front splitter.
  • Adjustable mechanical suspension, no EDC.
  • 25 mm lower compared to E92 M3
  • Same width as the E92 M3.
  • Fantastic new wheels.
  • New 'state of the art' seats.
General information

  • Nuerburgring laptime: 7:40 min
  • Not available through BMW dealer network, but directly from BMW Motorsport.
  • Street legal (of course).
  • Exclusively painted in Inka Orange (a hommage to early BMW race and sports cars). Availability of other colors at a later date.
  • The car was tested secretly in France and on a private race track (likely Miramas).
  • It will compete with the 911 GT3.
  • Limited Production (some report 25 units per year).
  • Price: Unknown, but less than the price for an 911 GT3.
Note: There's no information as to its availability in the U.S. yet.

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Meh...let me guess it'll cost twice as much as the regular M3. Not that cool imo.