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Problem with BMW and my springs...HELP!

So for the past 3 weeks ive had the DSC failure/ABS failure lights on, so esssentially i've been driving a Lemans car, living on the edge, hah. Anyways, during these 3 weeks there were a few days (when it warmed up), that the lights went away, awkward? And so...

I scheduled a service appt 2 weeks ago on saturday to get it looked at only to find that they dotn perform diagnostics on saturdays. Then went in the following week on a friday to get it looked at (without a appt), and they couldnt look at it. So the following week i brought it in (this past friday). Whats funny is that they booked me for the friday by accident, i was starting to get kinda of annoyed at this point. (keep in mind the unnecessary traveling and the fact im driving a car in the rain without any AIDS)...

KEEP IN MIND- I had a blow out on left rear so its new, and the right rear is old/worn away, and i have H&R Springs. BMW service charged me for a new tire and alignment for that, happened over a month ago.

Get the call at 4:30, by a woman only to make me HIGHLY angry and frustrated during the course of the 20 minute conversation. She starts saying that the most apparent problem is that i have an aftermaket suspension and the alignment is off, caushing my right rear tire to shed tread. I immediatly correct her, telling her about the blow out a month back, and that my alignment is correct because THEY performed it, she was confused as to why would they perform an alignment just because of a tire replacment....WEIRD huh?. So the conversation continues...She then starts to tell me that i have the lights because my 'aftermarket suspension" lowered the ride height, and the car is throwing the code, and they CANNOT fix it under warranty. That i need to take off the springs and go back to stock...which "might fix the problem". She also starts saying that "these aftermarket suspension" are supposed to be provided with software that should be downloaded into the car to tell the car that the height is non-stock. I kept on arguing with her saying that theres a very slight chance that the springs are causing the DSC/ABS failure. I also told her that ive had this problem even before the springs for a couple of days back when the weather was warmer, and that the problem went away a few times recently.

The SA even asked me that did the problem start to arise when the weather started to get colder, which it did. I told the woman that the SA asked me this and she was again confused as to why would the SA ask me this. We kept going back and fourth about this for a while...NOW check this out....

She then starts telling me that a MIGHT need a new LEFT REAR wheel bushing??? and says she can get me a price for that if i wanted one...i was FURIOUS! I asked her how could i need a new bushing when the car is only 9xxx miles old...and the suspension has only been on the car for 4xxx miles, she couldnt even give me a complete answer.

I then asked to speak to the technician and it was too late because he left already. I asked her what if i threw my winter tires on, and she immediatly agreed that i should, saying it might throw the code away and to COME ON DOWN AND PICK up the car, to see if thats the answer to the problem.

All in all, im extremely frustrated with the situation. I got the springs installed by a reputable shop, and i know that they wouldnt screw anything up. It's my first BMW, and i dont want it to be my last...I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. However, im going tomorrow to pick up the car and speak to the service manager to tell him the situation. PLEASE, if anyone can comment to my situation and help me out, i would be extremely grateful.

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