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Originally Posted by Kev View Post
Wowowo, how do you infer that I have an attitude and talk like a prick? Do you have some sort of telepathic ability like Ms. Cleo? Maybe you should keep your prejudice to yourself, seriously. I have never said he should walk out scotch free for speeding. I'm just saying it's an emergency and we take our chances. If we get pulled over, we would try to explain our situation and hope that the officer will speed things up and let us tend to our patient.

Light bar and driver training? Do you know what type of "driver" training EMTs get? Luckily both my medical school and my residency program train the city and county EMTs and we have first hand experience of what type of training they got, which is fairly useless even compared to just an HDPE aimed at teaching you defensive driving. As far as light bar goes, you
You must be Doogie Howser as you sound like a 12 year old - read my post I suggested you might want to keep your attitude to yourself.

I said "acting and talking like an arrogant pr*ck is likely to get me nowhere."

Whatever- Good luck to you