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To be fair, I think in general most cops respect the medical community and vise versa. Both are familiar with seeing carnage from road traffic accidents and both appreciate the risks and results of speeding. IMO the doctor should not be speeding unless he has had some proper training on defensive driving like most cops do. Most likely the doctor was not concentrating on the traffic/conditions but trying to get from point A to point B as fast as possible.
The problem with 25 zones is that people are lazy, they take one look in the mirror, see nothing, then pull out after a few seconds and assume nothing is there.

As others have said just as some doctors abuse the "emergency" card, some cops abuse the "power" card. That's human nature and not indicative of the (respective) professions in general.

So maybe this doctor should have gotten a break, who knows, but the beauty of the system is, bring it to the judge and let him decide.

IMO, the judge will throw out the case.

Question is what did the OP learn from this?

Probably nothing, because he's buying a radar detector.