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Originally Posted by Kev View Post

If you think this doesn't happen, think again. Not every hospital has attending staff or even housestaff on call at night. If someone presented with a case like that, attending surgeons or radiologists will have to be called in from home for the case.

Let's use a less extreme sample. Instead of an aneurysm, your loved one developed sub-sternal chest pain. He / she was taken to the nearest ER, and ECG showed an STEMI (heart attack in lay people's terms). He / she needs to be taken to the cath lab to get an angiogram done and possible balloon / stent placement. National standard for door-to-ballon time is less than 90 minutes. This has been shown to improve survival rate. By the time the attending cardiologist is paged, he / she usually only have less than an hour to get into the hospital for the catheterization. How do you feel if you loved one did not get the balloon / stent in the 90 minutes and suffered permanent damage to heart? The officer has the discretion to do what he thinks is the best in that situation, but simply calling every MD claiming that they have an emergency as being irresponsible is stupid
Hey I am not saying I dont believe it happens - I am sure it happens. And I dont need a sample, emergencies are emergencies. Like I said in my original post - Hope he fights it and the courts see it his way. However if you think getting out of a ticket because you are a doctor responding to an emergency is some right of passage - good luck to you. I am sure there are many cops that may let you off but the reality is speeding is speeding and unless you have the training and a lightbar and siren to announce your presence its dangerous to others as well as yourself. If you drive your car into another car or go off the road - how are you going to save lives?

My suggestion is you may want to keep the attitude to yourself as my experience in being pulled over a few times has been if I keep my cool (after all I was speeding, how can I argue?) an be courteous, you never know, they may let you go with a warning and be understanding of your circumstance - acting and talking like an arrogant pr*ck is likely to get me nowhere.