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There are circumstances when one can/should be offended by a low ball offer. I was trying to sell a car 15 years ago and I think I was asking for something like $12k. A guy calls and then shows up. Spends like 2 hours checking out and driving the car. Then he says everything is good (there was indeed nothing wrong with the car and I had not misrepresented it in any way), and he likes the car, and then offers me $7k. I told him he just wasted 2 hours of my time and if he wasn't comfortable with my asking price, he should have never showed up. He tried to respond with some BS argument and educate me about how much my car is worth, but I told him I was done and drove away (we were in a parking lot a couple of miles away from his car). I sold the car for about $1k less than what I was asking for the next week. However, if someone tried to present a low ball offer I am not even remotely interested in via email, I'd say whatever and just ignore it.