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Originally Posted by Blake View Post
baseball is retarded. long, boring games, roided up players, grossly overpaid to sit around 90% of the time, etc. like bill simmons said on the colbert report the other night, "baseball is america's sport for people over 50." it's popularity has dwindled and is more and more become a true "past" time. meh, i'll watch football, basketball, hockey, golf, F1, tennis, cricket, ping pong, or beer pong before i'll suffer through an entire baseball game, world series or not. ZzZzZz
thats cool, but i can almost guarentee football players are drinkin roids in their protein shakes, NFL just isnt as strict...but ive played baseball a long time and know every aspect of the game, therefore the game is interesting...bc i know how crucial every hit-and-run, every strike out coming from a 3-0 count is. saying cricket, ping pong, golf, and tennis is more interesting is a little much...but hey to each is own i guess...if i make it pro baseball you might like seeing a fellow e90poster pitching so it might become more interesting