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I was originally going to write this in a PM but OP never PMed so please feel free to delete this if offer break downs are not allowed in replies….

I understand the MSRP is 71K but that does not mean it is what you paid or what the car is worth....

Invoice Price Lists

Base USA 52,900
Training 180
DCT 2,640
Prem 1,800
Tech 2,960
Destination 825
Gas Tax 1,300
= 63,905 (not including other fees, taxes etc I know)

Now everyone knows a car lose value the moment you drive off the lot (up to 20% in the first year)

Therefore your offer of 61,500 pretty fair (you are saving buyer about 2K and they dont have to pay dealer fees but still have to pay taxes). But then again there are still 2009s on the lot and if you pay cash you get $4,500 off so for your car it would be 59,405

Now since the actual value of the car excludes Training, Destination and Gas Tax the real cost of the car is

Base USA 52,900
DCT 2,640
Prem 1,800
Tech 2960
= 60,300

So the car itself is worth 60.3K minus depreciation. Now lets say the car lost 5% on depreciation (more realistically 10%) that is 3,015. So roughly 57K….

I will offer you 55K Cash for the car if it has CF Roof, and 52.5K if it has Sunroof (Buyer's Market). Let me know, also members if you don’t agree with my break down feel free to comment, I do not mind the feedback/criticism
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