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It's not just the dealers, it's the whole West Palm Beach/South Florida thing. I lived there last year and got out as soon as humanly possible. The whole "Vibe" there from a lot of people was nasty and it seemed like nearly everyone went out of their way to be uncooperative, from the government to homeowners associatons to busnesses to drivers. It put me on edge to even drive around. It made you paranoid. Even the pizza delivery places were rude. My wife and I both got the only tickets we've received in the last decade within a week of moving there. It was like everyone was out to get you. Perhaps it's the displaced NYer's thing.

Thank god I was able to move. And making a killing on my house (prices are soaring 33% a year there...god knows why) helped make it worthwhile. My wife's co-workers from outside the area agreed, it's like no place else. We would call Saab for service appointments and they would just not even call back. When my clutzy wife hit her head stepping into a low back seat in their courtesy van and got a concussion, their attitude was "hey, you hit my van!" They wouldn't even drive her to the hospital, only back to her office. Nice folks!