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Originally Posted by RGuard250 View Post
I don't think Tom was making an attack at PYSpeed, but maybe should stayed out of the thread. He made some good points.
whilst he might have made a point about something, we aren't buying jewelry or anything extremely rare. i wouldn't buy a rolex from "" or something like that. we're buying commonly available bmw parts from verified, legitimate vendors. they all get their parts from the same people, and because one guy doesn't have those parts in stock in his shop (whatever that might entail) doesn't mean the other guy can't get those same parts to the customer in the same amount of time. that's been proven to be false over and over again. (in regards to drop ship vs brick and mortar)

Now if you look on M3Post, most parts can be bought directly from the maker. If you call Vorsteiner, Active Autowerkes, EvoSport, VMR, Rogue, etc you can buy without middle man.
indeed, but there are countless vendors on here that offer the same parts that you can buy directly from the mfg for cheaper prices. they are all authorized resellers and offer the same warranty the mfg gives. so the question is, how much money do you want to spend? i might push a hot button here by mentioning IND, but they're the rolls royce of vendors on here. while they're great at doing the whole customization of a particular customer's car, any good body shop near you can do the same for a less chunk of green. so you have to ask bragging rights for using the rolls royce vendor really worth paying the premium? (it's the same shell V-power effect) i've been anti-fanboi since i first joined this forum, and that goes for vendors, too. i've used many of them, and i always go with the most competitively priced vendor, while still getting the same product and service without spending extra hundreds. again, it is what it is, but be miser with your money. it all adds up.