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Originally Posted by RGuard250 View Post
It seems like half the vendors drop ship and probably don't even have a warehouse. Does this make them less of a vendor ? I have dealt with some companies in the past that drop ship and had the best price, no problems.
well based on some of tom's previous posts in pyspeed threads, there is obviously some animosity. it's all business in the end, but excessive overhead cuts down from being able to offer the same shit at a lower price. i'm not saying that eas is a bad vendor, because i think they're one of the best vendors here, but i also believe the nature of the forum game here, one vendor should not be allowed to screw with another vendor. tom is implicitly trying to screw with pyspeed with his generic form slam of vendors without a garage. the fact is, both vendors can deliver the same product in the same amount of time, with the same warranties, with the same level of customer service, but one can do it cheaper because they don't have as much overhead. so why not? i don't think tom can provide a decent enough excuse to answer those questions.