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Originally Posted by mklimis View Post
You are clearly confused. This was a BOB LUTZ' challenge! Remember! At least it was until they got schooled by a kid. Not one of the starting registered drivers could beat Michael Cooper in there CTS-V's so here come the pro drivers in the last lap to the rescue and to save Cadillac the embarrassment, good job guys

This was never about outdriving Bob Lutz. He's damn near 80 years old. WTF would it prove if a 25 year old in an M3 outran him?!

This was about the car. You can't seriously expect GM to throw down a challenge like this to anyone who wants to run and not use their best drivers.

All this whining that GM had a faster driver is just BS. If any of the other manufacturers thought they had a shot at this, why didn't they send a factory hot shoe over there to show ol' Bob what's what?

The fastest lap in the CTS was FOUR SECONDS faster than the fastest lap in the M3.

How about an opinion from one of the other people that actually drove in this: