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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
Copy cat.

My DD is also a daughter's beat up, thrashed into the ground, dents (not dings) on every body panel -- including the A-pillar, scratched, swear-word engraved into the paint -- Prius.

Needless to say, I took the car away from her after the way it was treated.
I cant believe it... 2 of the fastest most heavily modded m3's on the forums DD's are prius's!!! can i ask why, im just curious and am in no way trying to insult either one of you. I just found it kind of funny.

Originally Posted by leeor View Post
I dont think the gatorade is for sale, its special edition.
+1 its special order from gpower. the cap is full carbon fiber and the liquid is actually 118 octane race fuel. just having it in the cupholder of you car gives it 50 whp. needless to say their is an extremely high demand for this... sorry i couldn't help it