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As long as this thread is digressing into opinions ...

Sport vs. Normal:
Car behaves consistently in Sport whereas you can get some inconsistencies when the car tries to "help" you in normal mode. I might be a tad slower in sport, but I like the way it feels more.

DSC/MDM vs. DSC off:
A fast driver is no slower with DSC, MDM or DSC off. It might be more fun with DSC off, but it is no faster. If you are sliding the car enough for the DSC to be interupting, then you are overdriving your tires. Tires generate maximum traction at well defined slip angles. Those slip angles are within the acceptable region of the DSC mapping.

I have only had to turn DSC off for one track, ever. Turn 14 at Thunderhill has curbing on the inside that you have to hit for a fast exit. I couldn't get through there without DSC cutting in. However, with DSC on I could throttle steer my e46 through turn 2 at Laguna. In MDM mode I can trail brake deeply into the Chicane and throttle steer in 5 at WGI.

With DSC or MDM on, the car will tell me without too much excitement if I'm doing something wrong. So it is also a tool for telling me if I'm too abrupt entering a corner or getting on the gas on exit. And yet, it still allows enough oversteer or understeer for midcorner corrections. I just don't understand the DSC is bad mentality.