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Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
The Jalopnik guy was there in an EVO and well off the pace.
Yep, I see that now. But that wasn't his personal car either though, was it? Edit: According to Edmunds anyway, Jaguar pulled the XF-R loaner car from the Jalopnik guy. Either way, it seems in theory that media-types were free to use whatever car they wish, although you have to wonder since two ended up in CTS-Vs. I guess the other manufacturers didn't want to be involved in GM's little stunt, and I can't blame them even though it seems clear now that they'd likely have done pretty well (I am talking Jag, Porsche, Merc).

Thanks for the URL, ruff, there's some good info there.

And my congrats to Michael also (didn't even realize he posted here until after I'd made my first couple posts earlier).

Originally Posted by Moth View Post
Cooper already hinted that he would have probably easily eclipsed his M3 time in the CTS-V if the car he drove was fitted with a transponder. He hinted this in post #61.
True enough, and I guess that shows just how good he is, but presumably he'd still be slower than Heinricy if he'd also driven the CTS-V, and at the same time Heinricy would probably beat Cooper had they both drove M3's also. So Heinricy's time in an M3 would likely be in the high 2:4x range and that's still a testament to the M3's abilities vs. the CTS-V. Ok, so that's some assumptions there, but you get what I mean.
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