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Originally Posted by mapezzul View Post
I am surprised you used Sport for suspension as it locks out the adjustable/ adaptive features. It is good for auto-Xing but Normal is technically better on the track. Bernd Limmer told me Comfort on the 'Ring is a few seconds faster because of the increased travel for the rough spots and like Normals ability to self adjust. That being said I would guess normal would be better on Monticello but would it be? I don't know and sure it would not make a world of difference just some more fodder. The same as Sport + on the throttle mapping is too aggressive in most cases. Great job again representing the ///M3!

In my experiance the car is much more tied down in the sport mode than using the normal or comfort modes which makes it easier to go quicker.In pictures of my car in the wet where I use the comfort setting you can see more body roll than when I use the sport setting in the dry.