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You're right - age wasn't a complete non-factor. But certainly experience is experience and an accomplished driver is an accomplished driver. The two younger journos did beat Lutz, yes, but presumably they have a good deal of track experience under their belts too (though I'd like to know just how much). But then there's the younger private CTS owner (I am assuming it is a Gen II CTS-V) who got killed by Lutz. Experience > Age.
Werd. It is race car driving and not fighter jet flying at speeds faster than sound. Don't forget the legend Walter Rohrl for Porsche. Aside from product development and testing, Porsche uses Walter to get the fastest laps out of Porsche cars. I have read some impressions by people who frequently go to the tracks and sat beside him, he almost makes these people wet their pants and that is without Walter wearing a helmet. He still has faster reflexes than most people who drive at the race track. He is what 60 something??
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