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There is a fundamental DIFFERENCE between homosexual and heterosexual adults. I'm not saying its somehow WRONG, just DIFFERENT. I could argue that since there is little procreation, it would likely be removed from the gene pool after a few generations.

That in NO WAY makes it right for me to have more control over the person I love in terms of medical visits/decisions. I should pay no more taxes, nor receive any more benefits because I chose a heterosexual civil union.

The sanctity of the nuclear family is so screwed up by heterosexual unions at this point, maybe we should give the different group a try at it. I see so many broken homes, and the very negative effect on the children of those unions. There are way too many young boys I see in youth sports and elsewhere who would have done much better with a father figure than a psycho-drug. My son is 10, and there is no way he would have turned out as well as he has without BOTH myself and my wife. Times when I got to my rope's end she took over, and vice versa.

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