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I'm one of those that would benefit potentially from additonal research into stem cells as I'm type 1 diabetic. There is still a WHOLE LOTTA moral issues that need to be addressed. Should someone in a medical clinic be able to play creator just so s/he can save me? I certainly am NOT any more important than any other human life at this point, and certainly not unless that other life is pointing a weapon at me or my family.

Yes, many of those zygote were created in a lab, and aren't any more sentient than those skin cells, but what of the potential? Did you just cure my diabetes (which I happen to manage rather well with injections) at the expense of a mind that may have had the compassion and insight to bring world peace, or even a cure to cancer? We will never know. But those of us with the religious taint think there is Someone who does know. Now, should we be following in the path that our created intellectual brain has sent us, or should we be more like the little children who look up to God?

Its NOT an easy answer, and far greater minds have been discussing this very thing for a lot longer than we. MAYBE we're one of those compassionate minds that have the potential to come up with the answer!!!

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