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Originally Posted by shpirate87 View Post

Bush did support stem cell research. He opposed federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. Are you saying that valuing human life is a purely religious value?

The only reason to oppose redefining marriage is fear of homosexuality or religion?
The fetuses weren't developed just for stem cell research. They were the leftover zygotes from fertility clinics, that were produced anyway. Now, instead of being used to save lives, they were disposed of. We're talking about a cluster of (or sometimes SINGLE) cell no more sentient and no more human than the thousands of skin cells you've shed while reading this thread. Nothing was gained, and thousands of fully developed people with desires, feelings, and loving families suffered and died. Not only that, but it resulted in much of the research moving to other countries where there are no such bans, setting the US many years behind our competitors in arguably the most important field of medical research in the past 50 years, if not ever.

Yes; the only reason to oppose gay marriage is based on religion. Everything else is a weak excuse. Can you offer a compelling secular reason?

I agree that, ideally, government should just get out of the marriage business. But, as long as they're in it, ANY group of adults should be able to
get married.