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sounds good. like I was saying, they're expecting big mods to what will be a very popular 2.0T engine as well. I might step down to the 2.0T if the after market can get that engine up into the 300's. I could save about $10K in change up front, get the interior color option I want (brown), and probably enjoy the car better because of it.

we'll see what happens. my finalists are pretty much:

335xi coupe (white w/brown; black w/brown)
A5 2.0T coupe (white w/brown; black w/brown)
S4 coupe (white w/black; black w/black; black w/red)

...and I have about 4 months to really decide. next year's announcements, happenings, and aftermarket modifications with those 3 cars' engines will have a great influence on my decision. I'm not going to be racing any of them. I just want to know I have that kick ready to rock when I floor it on the highway.
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