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I think half of you guys failed to watch the video. you're talking about V8's and performance...size vs 335's. why? the video is about the quality of the paint job you're getting, relative to what a very well respected luxury manufacturer is putting on their best cars. it's something they're proud of...and why not? it's apparently better engineered paint & metal.

and the ad isn't pathetic. it's simply designed to help potential customers understand that they took many aspects of this car seriously. Even more serious than some $70,000 cars do. They're not trying to compete with the LS460; they're saying they worked hard on many aspects of this product to make it one of their best cars ever. it appears to be just that.

it's V6 engine and subsequent performance compares favorably with even the most prolific V8's in the class. it's interior provides solid options, most of which aren't seen under $40k. even the paint is better than cars twice the price. so why not consider one if you need a full-size car and want to spend under $50k? THAT is the point.
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