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Originally Posted by adrian1480 View Post
really? because I'm now a member of one of the Audi forums (since I'm considering the S4 and A5) and I've not seen any inexpensive (relatively speaking) mods that compare to what SSTT and JuiceBox do. the gains those items get seem to require a couple of thousand, minimum.

if I'm wrong, I'll be happy. I just haven't seen it. If you can point me in a direction other than where I've been looking, feel free to show me. I'd appreciate it.
Just be patient, the car basically just got to the US. Let companies like APR, AWE, Revo, Giac, etc do their magic. I have owned a couple A4's in the past and they proven to cost less to mod than the BMW's I have owned. Not to mention the amount of aftermarket parts to choose from. Just look at how many turbo upgrades are out there for all the Audi models. Competition brings lower prices. I think these tuners are drooling over the new supercharged S4.