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Originally Posted by CeeP View Post
Hm, I've never flushed my clutch...can you elaborate a little on how it's done?
Same as the brakes buddy. Reaching the valve (nipple) is obviously harder, especially with the tranny cover in the way, but if you have the car lifted, it should be simple enough. Just notice the feeding hose for the clutch sits pretty high, so you need to watch the reservoir's level much more carefully; you DON'T want to suck air. Since I do all those jobs by myself, I use one of those bottles that keep the reservoir full all the time, so I don't have to worry about running out of fluid while under the car. By the way, it's always better to at least depress the pedal (either brake or clutch) by hand once, to push all the old fluid out of the master cylinders, but not essential. When I can summon one of my daughters, I do that. Good luck, and post some pics of the clutch slave cylinder if you decide to do it, and also in what condition the initial fluid comes out. I only have 2K miles on my car now, and the 2-yr service is up in June, so might wait for that, but will do it yearly thereafter. Good luck.