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which car for new DD?

need some help deciding which car i should get for my new DD. its either a used S2000 (near 12k miles for 23k but price is negotiable), Nismo 370z, or M-Sport 335i.

For the S200, I like the fun factor to the car but otherwise, its a honda and a bit slow *shrug* its cheap though xD

Nismo 370z, it has that special edition ring to it and contrary to what most reviews say about its ride quality, its actually not too bad for me (my E46 is even worse )

For the M-Sport 335i, I havent gotten a chance to test drive it but i'd imagine it to be similar to a 330i ZHP

what do you guys think? feel free to recommend some other cars too. Although they might be cars from different categories, I'm mainly looking for something that provides good reliability and that fun factor.