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Arrow DIY - CHEAP Brake Duct System

OK, so we know the OEM brakes on the M3 suck...(You know this if you don't drive like a pussy )

There is no venting to the brakes, like on all the other performance cars.
And the fading kicks in after 2 laps of hard driving on track and sometimes even with some high speed action on the highway.

I liked the GT4 kit, with Carbon Inlets and custom Aluminium backplates. But it's !1300! EURO excluding ducting!!!

I have a trackday @ Spa-Francorchamps on the 8th next month.
Yes, i'll post cool vids of onboard laps.

I decided to fab my own brake cooling system.

It's easy!

You need these parts:
Alu brake ducts
Brake cooling ducts
Tie rips

You need these tools:
Cutting tools like, Knife, Circular grinder (Dremel)
Drill, same size as the rivets
Hex key 8 and 10
Some duct tape

(excuse my iphone picas)

1: Undo the front plastic inside wheel liners in the wheel arches. Hex screw Size 8 and 10.

2: Undo the front floor in one piece. Hex screws size 8 and 10.

That should look something like this.
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This is how my finished product looks like BTW. And yes after I took this pic I cut the ducts to the same length.
If I remember correctly the length was 42Cm (17''). Measured from where the duct 'exits' the floor till the end.

3: Leave the pieces on the sides of the floor on.

4: I got these round Alu brake duct inlets.
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I <3 my focusing to0...

I riveted them in to place. With 8 rivets.
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Yes, thats heavy duty riveting. it's not going anywhere. And it looked cool (up close)...after i spray painted it flat black and installed it on the car it doesn't show...
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5: To get the brake duct in to the wheel arch you need to cut some at the back of the floor.
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It should look something like...
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