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I need to be faster in responding, else I miss some good posts =)

My perspective of same-sex marriage is this:

It is not by any means a priority when I vote. Short of a politician saying that they wanted to make homosexuality illegal, there are far more issues that are more important to me: taxes, property rights, budget deficit issues, health care, Social Security, 2nd Amendment rights, etc.

If I could snap my fingers and make any change I wanted, the government would step out of the marriage business entirely. There would be no specific benefits (or penalties, in the case of how married people file taxes) offered by the government. Virtually all of the benefits conferred by the government recognizing marriage can be obtained by same-sex couples who contact a lawyer. Marriage would remain solely a religious institution, and they would continue to remain free to determine who they marry and who they won't. At best, the government's involvement would be limited to offering civil unions that would simplify the legal process that people would otherwise have to go through to obtain the various legal protections they get now (health care decisions, inheritance benefits, etc.).

A radical departure from conventional thought, yes, but it would remove much of the acrimony associated with same-sex marriage. Except from that which I receive from some of my gay friends, of course. A good number are still ultra-liberal and make being gay the primary focus of their life.
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