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Originally Posted by savage.ulm1 View Post
... the bigger mistake was to use my cultural approach and philosophy , forgetting that I was not writing into an Italian or French Forum where I normally write very often but into an American one. And since I am not American I was not able to guess the reactions. My mistake sorry...
Why is it a mistake? No need to be sorry about anything.

What you exercised is called "Free speech" for a reason: You don't need to worry about peoples' reactions. Why do you let them get to you? The nice thing about the US is that you learn to not fear expressing your opinion because of other peoples reactions. I know first hand this is slightly different in your region.

People can say what they want: "Ban this freak", "Delete this thread". [CENSORED] them multiple times.

Already the E60 M5 CSL was one of the rumors in this thread that came out to be true.