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I think shpirate87 has done a very good job of explaining some of the points I was trying to make, especially from the historical perspective (as I've mentioned, history is not one of my strong suits).

To carve's point about having the government run its secular job in a secular fashion, I think the point that shpirate87 and I have been trying to make is that religion and spirituality are so ingrained in today's culture for a large majority of people that it is impossible to have a truly secular government. People will still act and make decisions based on their moral beliefs and their upbringing, which is often times influenced to a large degree by their religion or spirituality.

To that end, I would not support a candidate whose sole reason for making a decision (that would affect all of the nation) is that God or their religious beliefs dictate such a position. I also think that those types of lawmakers and politicians are relatively few and far between. Most, I would hope, would be able to come up with personal rationalizations for their decision (even if we still don't like those rationalizations).
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