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lesson understood...

I understood the mistake guys.Really I accept without any problems your concern and suggestions. But I would say the bigger mistake was to use my cultural approach and philosophy , forgetting that I was not writing into an Italian or French Forum where I normally write very often but into an American one. And since I am not American I was not able to guess the reactions. My mistake sorry.
Just to show what I mean let me say that the reactions to similar discussions in those two Countries (very similar between them for historical reasons) were totally different and much more friendly. Here everything seems to turn too seriously. And I created to you problems. I hope not too many...This doesn't mean that you are wrong, pls don't misunderstand also this intention. This means that I am wrong since "I" decided to write in the wrong place for me" and I was not able to perceive what could have been caused by my Thread.....Nothing more.So excuse me ok?
So how to solve First avoiding these mistakes in the future. But since I made the mistake really unintentionally and sure "not thinking" that all this "caos" would have been caused, and since I sure will not be able in the future to protect you from any new mistakes...the only way is simple: "to leave" asap the Forum.. Sure not a big damage I know (before that someone will remember to me...) About the news, don't worry. South will decide when to publish and if to publish them because I will not publish anything more from now.. This is not a child speaking. This a passionate that made the mistake to share something in the wrong place but only for PASSION!!!. A presumptuous passionate because I was not really thinking what my words could create to others. My biggest apologies guys. The lesson is learned. I am sure no one here,will loose the health for my mistake, so the mistake could be condoned right?
South sorry to have putted you on troubles now. You can even not publish anything. Noone will accuse you. The job was mine so if you doesn't feel, let the time tell the true without to imply yourself...
Sorry again guys. I really made a mistake, but honestly the problems in the life are others , right? smile if possible...:-) I am doing the same...To make mistakes is human attitude right?