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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post

I don't think it was a mistake to share. However, it was a mistake to do so in the way you did, unfortunately. Generally, its best not to mention that you actually know more than you can say. The reason is that doing so serves no purpose, and is sure to get negative reactions. It would be like if someone came up to you and said that they knew you were going to get kicked in the nads today, but they couldn't tell you when or by whom. All that does is cause unneeded anxiety. Well I guess you could stay home and lock yourself in the closet, but then probably the assailant will still find you and kick your balls even harder then, right?

So, what you should have done and should do in the future IMHO is simply say you heard vague rumors of something M3 related, and then ask the forum if they know any more details. This way you don't come off sounding like someone who is just looking for attention (which I know was not your intent), and you don't give the impression that you are just jerking everyone's chain.



You seem like a nice guy so I'll offer you some good advice...

The next time you hear something 'top secret' (or what you think is top secret), either throw it out there as a vague rumor no no specific details or acknowledgment that you know more than you are saying, or just keep it to yourself. You have to admit that you completely miscalculated how this was going to play out on the forums. The general public does like to be teased to a certain extent, but the whole "I KNOW ALL THE DETAILS...BUT I M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU" thing isn't going to elicit many favorable or kind words.

I suggest that you take this situation for what it's worth (since you opened this can of worms), and use it as a valuable learning experience for the future.

I think the next time you get a bit of inside information that has not been made public yet (if there is a next time), you'll handle the situation a little better than you did this time around.

As someone who is constant hearing rumors or inside secrets about upcoming (or existing products) from a number of major manufacturers, I can tell you from personal experience that the information should be parsed out very carefully. If there is a source you don't want to reveal (for fear that individual will suffer repercussions from their employer), then just throw it out there under an alias, or lob it out there as a rumor if you want to inform the public for whatever reason. That way, you don't come off looking like a guy who is mocking or teasing people too much, or as mkoesel said, "looking for attention".

If that's not what you were doing here, then you may want to modify your approach to this kind of thing the next time around.

Just a friendly tip.

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