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Originally Posted by savage.ulm1 View Post
Just few comments today. If I would have known the huge results of my Thread with the high percentual of negative feeling as a feedback, probably I would not have written anything.


I just wanted to share what I know and what (accept it or not) I can't still share. I was thinking that to share something that to me seemed so interesting would have been a good thing. I repeat it was probably a mistake.

I don't think it was a mistake to share. However, it was a mistake to do so in the way you did, unfortunately. Generally, its best not to mention that you actually know more than you can say. The reason is that doing so serves no purpose, and is sure to get negative reactions. It would be like if someone came up to you and said that they knew you were going to get kicked in the nads today, but they couldn't tell you when or by whom. All that does is cause unneeded anxiety. Well I guess you could stay home and lock yourself in the closet, but then probably the assailant will still find you and kick your balls even harder then, right?

So, what you should have done and should do in the future IMHO is simply say you heard vague rumors of something M3 related, and then ask the forum if they know any more details. This way you don't come off sounding like someone who is just looking for attention (which I know was not your intent), and you don't give the impression that you are just jerking everyone's chain.

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