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Just few comments today. If I would have known the huge results of my Thread with the high percentual of negative feeling as a feedback, probably I would not have written anything. I apologise with all the people that feel stressed, bored or worried about this possible new. I just wanted to share what I know and what (accept it or not) I can't still share. I was thinking that to share something that to me seemed so interesting would have been a good thing. I repeat it was probably a mistake. I am not telling today that I start to be worried since probably your reaction against me could be terrible after next week I am not worried about this, I am just telling that "really" it could be a good week the next one, for the "real" lovers of Motorsport and expecially for M3 lovers. I am receiving many privat requests by people asking me if they have to sell their car or to renounce to an incoming one. Pls don't ask me details now. I can't reply and like I always wrote I still can't know it the car will be presented officially as I was told. So how can I know if it will be sold or not in Usa? For these guys writing to me...I feel even worse. And let me say that when I replied to one of them (kindly), I didn't get any "thanks". So pls don't write me anymore privatly.I can't help. If something really will arrive soon, I don't think I have to feel responsible for your choices.
Netxt week as I wrote to someone, will be interesting. For your reactions. Against me or congratulating with me (who knows). What I know is that I am not joking but eventually only apologising for my bad idea to share my informations.You could ask me: which info if you don't tell anything? simple: the info that something is coming. No more at the moment.I can't. I hope it is clear that I can't. Pls also don't forget I don't speak my language. So if you feel I speak like a child or like an illiterate, is probably due to the poor English I know. If you prefer I can use my language:-) just joking ok?
I am thinking to share the list of the details I know on 3 November. Just the same day or just before the date the new should be released officially by BMW (they told me 3-4 November for the presse). So still not so far from now...Sorry for all the stress I caused.It was not my intention.
And last thing for today. If nothing will be confirmed feel free to tell me everything, but pls don't start to offend me as an Italian. This will not be tolerated.Only offend me as a person ok? tksThis will be acceptable......