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This thread is pretty easy to understand (OP correct me if I am wrong) and I'm curious why there is so much debate...

This thread is about a car with bolt-on mods + stock software VS the car with the SAME bolt-on mods + AA custom tune software

The dyno does not show a bone stock car vs the car with all the bolt-ons + software tune - it shows the car with bolt-ons and stock software vs the car with bolt-ons + AA software...

IMO there is nothing wrong with +20WHP from a software tune alone - once the OP does the Dynojet I'm sure he will get far more than +20WHP given his base line was taken the car was bone stock.

People who use dynos as an absolute measure are stupid - they should only be used as a relative measure and +20WHP and a "low" reading of 360WHP is actually better relatively speaking than +20WHP and a "high" reading of 400WHP on a dyno...

What I would love to see is a comparison of an off the shelf tune with a custom tune because I think this whole custom tune story is just a marketing tool to sell more tunes/make more money when we are looking at this specific type of car and the way its engine management system works...