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Originally Posted by E90SLAM View Post
uhhh...the GP is at Abu Dhabi, the capital city of United Arab Emirates, not Dubai....

and the dark side...well...every city has its own dark side behind all the glitz and glamour....

nonetheless..its a good read of the things we don't see behind those amazing high-rise buildings and malls...
FWIW, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are both some of the cleanest and nicest cities in the world. I would only put Tokyo ahead of either in the cleanliness dept. No graffiti, no horns at rush hour, if you double park your car the police will call you on your cell and ask you to please move your car, if you leave your car running in an unattended parking lot no one will steal it, etc etc.
U.A.E. is not like Saudi Arabia (where a woman cannot leave her house unless accompanied by her husband or their eldest son), it's basically just like the U.S. you can drink, smoke, swear, girls can wear bikini's in the street, etc.
Downsides...130F with 90% humidity in the summer, we get logs from N/A cars seeing 170F+ IATs while cruising at 60mph...Don't ask what the TT cars see lol.