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Originally Posted by King Tut View Post
I'm gonna ask to delete this thead. It is obvious that the user's of this forum do not understand dynos and are Internet racing cars by comparing dyno runs. There is nothing wrong with my car and I am not missing 20 hp. Dynos should be used for tuning and for comparing before and after. They aren't for reaching some magical number so you can brag on the Internet. You say I'm missing 20 hp yet your proof shows a different Mustang dyno and someone who made 4 more hp than me. Note that dyno showed a stock M3 make 328 hp while AA's dyno says a stock M3 makes only 318 hp. That is a 10 hp difference so add that on to mine and I made 368 which is more than the dyno you posted. You can't just use some magical formula of X says it makes X hp and so I add them together and subtract drivetrain loss. Not all dynos read the same. This is a proven fact.
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