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Originally Posted by King Tut View Post
Hmm, I look at the DynoDB and I see that Sticky and Joey@Fabspeed dynoed 334 hp on a Dynojet stock with 93 octane. I guess my engine must be broke since it only made 340 hp on a Dynojet stock. I'm sorry man, I normally respect what you have to say, but your way off the mark tonight.
Well...the highlighted text is even more confusing then, since Sticky and Joey (Fabspeed) are both located in Cali, where 93 octane unleaded is not available...

So either they were precisely mixing and batching their gasoline for those runs...or there was a mix up in the data they sent Pencilgeek.

Fuel octane is very important in extracting maximum power from a naturally aspirated engine. A difference of two RON/MON octane index points matters.

I'll repeat this again in case you missed it the first time...

Your car is under-performing, considering the mods in question, and the fuel you have access to in FL.

Not sure WHY you are arguing with me, instead of trying to track down why it's not making more power than it is...

Estimate the horsepower gains you think all you mods are giving you combined (in addition to the 414hp you already have stock), then subtract 15% for drivetrain losses...and tell me I'm confused.

And btw, I'm never confused.

A quick refresher to remind you of how much power potential the mods you have now can actually produce:

DLSJ5's car using 91 octane fuel with similar mods to your car, made 362 rwhp SAE corrected on a Mustang dyno this past June...
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