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Originally Posted by savage.ulm1 View Post
Hello Davo, these are great news. I don't feel any competition with you or others so no problems by my side. I just got a complete list of details by someone in Motorsport. Someone famous enought.I already told that I can't share at the moment these details, but someone still doesn't understand that I have a verbal agreement...with that man. And that simply I CAN'T...Now.
But Davo sorry I have got different kind of informations and so I would say that only the time will tell the true.
best regards
Hey my friend, just offering up a few laughs while we wait...I and most others really appreciate your efforts and posts. Cheers.
Crying is for babies, little girls, men who have just had their ears ripped off, and men who have toasted MDCT's due to service errors.