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Originally Posted by Davo2003 View Post
A new injection system that has been mentioned in other threads quite alot but nobody seems to have put two and two together. I had a long talk with BMW factory reps the other day. They will come out with more changes than anyone is expecting with the LCI version coming in the Spring. Two things...first, the white M3 seen on the ring with the big "ugly" wing on the back that everyone was complaining about will become a reality. It is going to be limited production but from what I was told from "those in the know" at BMW corporate, it should be available as an option by the summer known as "HSP" or Hyper Sport Package. It will also include a special "aero nose cone". The injection systems is known as "KERS" or "Kerosene Enriched Rocket Solution". This solution was a real breakthrough and was developed in conjunction with NASA. BMW has estimated that these breakthroughs when combined will yield sub 10 second quarter mile times and shave at least 10 seconds off current ring times.

Well, I hope that clears everything up for all of you so now you don't have to wait for NOV 3 -8!

Hello Davo, these are great news. I don't feel any competition with you or others so no problems by my side. I just got a complete list of details by someone in Motorsport. Someone famous enought.I already told that I can't share at the moment these details, but someone still doesn't understand that I have a verbal agreement...with that man. And that simply I CAN'T...Now.
But Davo sorry I have got different kind of informations and so I would say that only the time will tell the true.
best regards