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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by rcracer_tx View Post
I don't know why everyone on here is such a tool all the modded x35i arguments come down to "My car is faster in a straight line modded than (insert stock car)". If you want a fast unrefined POS that goes fast in a straight line, and don't care about the crappy fit and finish and garbage interior buy a domestic like the mustang. If you want a well refined car that had a nice interior, looks better, and doesn't sound like a 50 year old car, buy a BMW. A BMW might not be as fast stock in a straight line, but your driving a much nicer and better designed car.

I'll buy the upgraded HPFP that comes with a lifetime warranty when upgrading the turbos
Candidate for one of the most ignorant posts ever.

You obviously don't understand the point of Mustangs. You really need to check out the '10s and update your knowledge. I'd rather have a Mustang GT with a few mods for the price of a 135i with ZSP/ZPP. Then again, I've actually driven them, given them a chance, and figured out what driving a Mustang is all about.
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